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Antrax Minecraft Server and New Minecraft Cracked Login

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Antrax Minecraft Server and New Minecraft Cracked Login Empty Antrax Minecraft Server and New Minecraft Cracked Login

Post  Ricardo on Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:23 am

so antrax bought a new mc server from the same host that we have for the vps. The new server is 1.6.1 and completely vanilla. And it is cracked and with the new update, they did change the login so the old cracked login doesnt work anymore but luckily i have found a new working client login

mediafire.com download/aaew2n33dyrdxmt/Minecraft.exe

Download this first then(And yes it does not have virus)click on it and it should say like progress and update on the bottom right but if it doesnt. It will just ask for wat update and ofc u would put 1.6.1 and you will try to play but it will not let you cuz the progress thing did not show up butt just exit and click on it again and the progress and update should come up and it takes a little while but then u can play. I think i might of made it too confusing but if u have any questions just comment or ask me (xfire:ricardoad95) the ip will be posted in the general member chat.

So thank mostly antrax and maybe me since i helped set it up. And i dont know how to end these post so i will do it the fate way.


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