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Blaze's App

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Blaze's App

Post  ~BlaZe~ on Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:47 pm

In game tags:^0~^1Bla^0Z^1e^0~
Other tags:
Previous clans and why you left:
Years playing:1
Ventrilo yes/no:
Microphone yes/no:
Where are you from:Australia
Xfire ID:blazer72
Any current or previous server bans:Yes(namefake) but it was my bro
What can you offer The Lucky Devils:Nobody
Are you active:Yes
Have you read our rules and rankings guide:Yes
Have you ever hacked(be honest):No
Who invited you:No one
Try-out opponent preferance(may be different):L:D-Fayde


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Re: Blaze's App

Post  Fate on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:14 pm

First off, no one invited you.
Secondly, you're banned from our server and failed to fill out a proper unbanning request.
Lastly, the reason for all this is because of namefaking? Are you kidding me.
(Because we all know that your brother was the one going around namefaking, of course.)

You tried to apply yesterday too and got denied, do you think reapplying the next day is going to do you any good?
Do I even have to say it?

This application is DENIED

-Thread Locked.-


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